Cab Calloway Classic Jazz Archive (2 CD) Серия: Classic Jazz Archive инфо 10625q.

Ремастированное издание, содержит 20-страничный буклет с фотографиями и дополнительной информацией на английском языке Содержание CD1: Cab Calloway Classic Jazz Archive Minnie The Mooch 1 Gotta Darвблофn Good Reason Now (For Bern' Good) 2 St Louis Blues 3 Sweet Jenny Lee 4 The Viper's Drag 5 Is That Religion? 6 Some Of These Days 7 Nobody's Sweetheart 8 St James Infirmary 9 Dixie Vagabond 10 So Sweet 11 Minnie The Moocher внвмн12 Doin' The Rhumba 13 Farewell Blues 14 I'm Crazy' Bout My Baby 15 Creole Love Song 16 The Levee Low-Down 17 Blues In My Heart 18 Black Rhythm 19 Six Or Seven Times 20 My Honey's Lovin' Arms 21 The Nightmare CD2: Cab Calloway Classic Jazz Archive Somebody Stole My Gal 1 It Looks Like Susie 2 Sweet Georgia Brown 3 Basin Street Blues 4 Bugle Call Rag 5 You Rascal, You 6 Stardust 7 You Can't Stop Me From Lovin' Yoвтбаьu 8 You Dog 9 Somebody Stole My Gal 10 Ain't No Gal In This Town 11 Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea 12 Trickeration 13 Kickin' The Gong Around 14 Down-Hearted Blues 15 Corinne Corinna 16 The Scat Song 17 Cabin In The Cotton 18 Strictly Cullud Affair 19 Aw You Dawg 20 Minnie The Moocher's Wedding Day 21 Dinah Исполнитель Кэб Кэллоуэй Cab Calloway.